Some News 4 My Minions...

First I want to thank everyone who downloaded my project and/or bought a T-Shirt. I will always appreciate you taking your time and money to help me out. Love you people for real.

Next, I want to inform you all that I put Take Flight on This lets you avoid the "Sign-up before you download hassle". If that was stopping you from downloading before please go to this link here

Lastly, PURCHASE A SHIRT GUYS THANKS. Go here for that.

Thanks for everything and also my first sale ever goes to the homie Stormtrooper Kylee! Appreciate the love!

Also I'm still working on my next project and more news about that will be revealed soon! Let me know what you think about the project in the comments or something. 


Countdown to "Take Flight" and Merchandise Day 4


"Take Flight" comes out tomorrow. You can go to my music page and check out some of the music that will be on it. 

Merchandise also comes out tomorrow. You can purchase T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc. I've also made some options so you can get stickers and posters of me. Hang me on your wall (So I can watch you forever...)

If you have any ideas at all on what I should do next, venues, or you have beats for me just use the "Contact" tab to reach me. 

This is the final day before I drop everything so I just want to take this time to say thanks for everything and I can't wait to get everything started. We can take over the world together. 



Countdown to "Take Flight" and Merchandise Day 3


So now I'm going to tell you about what's on Take Flight. If you have been following me for a while you know that I was a "Christian Rapper". If you've really been following me you know that I'm not a Christian Rapper anymore and I don't even like the concept of the genre anymore. Take Flight will have my Christian music and MY music, future projects will just be MY music.

This is not me saying that I'm an atheist or abandoning my faith because I'm not. I still love Jesus... he's the homie. I just don't think I HAVE to make all my music about Him. I realize this is a very unpopular opinion amongst my past church homes, family, and friends and I realize that I will lose some support. I am 100% okay with you if you no longer support me because of conflict with your beliefs. I believe I have to make music for me. I don't have to make music about "Smackin' hoes in the club" and I don't have to make music about "Holy Holy get with Jesus or you'll burn" either. I could go on forever about this topic, but I want to talk more about merchandise. (This could be a future blog series who knows)

A while back I did a photoshoot with my good friend Andrew Shepherd (Popmuse) and his photos were spectacular! I loved them so much that I decided to add posters to the merchandise mix. Also, I found out that you can get the Mr. Mek logo on some stickers too! I'll probably get a ton and hand them out to random civilians. 


Countdown to "Take Flight" and Merchandise Day 2


Take Flight has been a process and has opened my eyes on just how hard it is to put a solid music project together. I went in thinking "Yeah, let me just get these beats, throw some verses on them, and be done." It's way more than that I promise. While working on this project, everything was going smoothly. I wanted to write about 5 songs at a time, record, save, drop a single/music video etc. When I went to the studio to get this all figured out I noticed something. I noticed that everything I have written to was in poor quality. QUALITY FROM YOUR HEADPHONES DO NOT GIVE THE SAME QUALITY IN A PROFESSIONAL STUDIO. What I mean is just because it sounds good in your tiny speakers everything will be exposed when it hits the big boy speakers. No knock on anyone who has given beats to me for me to make music to, but it just wasn't fitting the vision I originally had for this project. I will talk more about this in the next blog post.

So on the T Shirts I stated it will be through and I will explain further. I am going to be 100% honest with you all. This website allows me to not carry physical merchandise at all. You'd be ordering through their website. How this site works is they give me a set price just to cover their costs. They then have a set 'markup' rate to pay me. It was defaulted to set at 20% and that would have made shirts about $25. I didn't think it was smart to charge this much for a T-Shirt especially if I am a "no name" you know? So I dropped it to about 11.5% to put the shirts at $20/shirt. This would give me about $1-$2 per shirt and I am completely okay with that.

Right now I am not looking for a ton of money, I'm looking to brand. I just want people to wear the shirts and wristbands(in the future) everywhere they go. More info to come in the coming days

APRIL 11th 


Countdown to "Take Flight" and Merchandise Day 1

On the first day of the Take Flight Countdown I want to give you an exact breakdown on what this project will be. Take Flight will be a small sample of all my work and will also feature a couple unreleased tracks. It will be released Friday April 11th. It has been a hassle getting everything together I must say. Many factors played into this "detox" like delay. The original production was just off, songs were just outright wack, and my entire outlook on life changed. I will start talking about these situations in the next couple posts. 

I will also talk about some of my merchandise goals. First, starting out, the merchandise will be 100% digital. Reason being I can not afford physical merch at this present time. I will start out with T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, etc. All of this will be through More information will be released in the coming days until Friday April 11th for the Take Flight and Merchandise release!



Welcome to

So I FINALLY have a website! It has been a long time coming and I'm pretty happy with the results. Shoutout to Noah Hurst for walking me through and constructing this masterpiece.  Right now it is still in it's beginning stages. I have 3 tabs (About, Blog, Soundcloud) In the future I predict some SHOW DATES, and some MERCH, but that will come along soon enough. I am just going to tell you what you can expect from the site.

I'll keep this page updated with everything I am doing music wise, and I'll let you all comment on the blog posts. Only because I love you all... well... most of you. ha

I'll respond to everyone to the best of my ability. I always like to hear what others say, so if it has an ounce of intelligence I'll respond.  

You all should check out the Soundcloud page. My music is free. BARZ4DAYZ.
Also, you should tell your friends about me. Why? Because I'm Mek: The Awesome of all Awesome. Hashtag ya boy.

Thanks for hearing me out on my FIRST EVER BLOG POST.